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NGENI LABs, founded in early 2021, is Kenya and East Africa's first pure-play and largest Blockchain and Web3 development engineering studio with a 106-plus-person team.

Next-generation full-stack Web3 developers & tech strategists building complex and cross-platform applications , bots & dApps for Blockchain, Fintech, Cryptocurrencies & Markets Trading.

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For Business & Entrepreneurs

Our expertise in FinTech, Markets Trading, and DeFi makes us an ideal partner for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to incorporate blockchain technology into their products or services.
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For Startups and established companies

NGENi’s experience in building complex and cross-platform applications, dApps (decentralized applications), and mobile apps cater to both startups and established companies looking to develop innovative and customized web solutions.
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For Businesses seeking AI integration

We leverage Artificial Intelligence technologies to solve complex business problems.
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Global Clients

All businesses require a flexible partner to develop, design, and deliver on projects that can adapt to the ever-evolving global landscape, and our presence in multiple international locations allows us to do just that.

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Languages Spoken at NGENI

Including African, European, Farsi, and Mandarin


Team Retention Since Inception


Community of Developers


Cumulative Hours Coded Since Inception


Business Development & Marketing Hours per Team


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Our Average Age


Programming Languages and Frameworks We Use


Technical Team Composition

(54) Engineers & Product Developers, (6) Designers/Graphics


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NGENI LABS Team Are Females


Team Composition by Location

East Africa ,18% Dubai, Berlin, Dhaka, London

Constantly pushing boundaries in

Web3, FinTech, and Blockchain technology by providing exceptional custom engineering software development services to suit your business needs.
Markets Trading
Mobile App
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NGENI is a leading provider of cutting-edge Web3 applications and platforms, utilizing decentralized technologies like smart contracts and dApps. Join us in revolutionizing the future of the internet!

Scale your business with world-class software solutions

We create solutions that solve real-world problems for all ecosystems except the one you′ve not told us about!

Web 3

Web 3

Web 3.0, often referred to as the decentralized web powering new and exciting industries such as Play-2-Earn, Metaverse & Cryptocurrencies, is the next evolution of the internet that leverages blockchain technology and is built on decentralized digital infrastructure
Blockchain & Digital Assets

Blockchain & Digital Assets

Blockchain is an innovative system that stores information in consecutive chains of transaction blocks.
Exchanges & Market Trading

Exchanges & Market Trading

Web 3.0 often referred to as the decentralized web for new and exciting industries, is the next evolution of the internet
Fintech & DeFi

Fintech & DeFi

Financial technology (FinTech) is the industry where financial companies and banks around the globe,
eCommerce (B2B/B2C) & Marketplaces

eCommerce (B2B/B2C) & Marketplaces

NGENI LABs specializes in creating customized eCommerce solutions that propel both B2B and B2C businesses to new heights. Our expertise guarantees smooth online shopping experiences, from user-friendly interfaces to secure payment gateways.


We empower government and public sector organizations to adopt technology for streamlined operations, efficient service delivery, and enhanced citizen engagement. From digital infrastructure to data analytics, our dedication lies in reshaping the future of government services by building solutions used in real-time government operations.
Gaming and NFTs

Gaming and NFTs

We develop decentralised gaming platforms, NFT marketplaces, and blockchain-based solution for digital ownership and in-gaming economics.
Automation & AI

Automation & AI

Our AI services are your gateway to the future of intelligent automation and AI-driven solutions. From predictive analytics and streamlined process automation to generative AI, our solutions boost operational efficiency, cut costs, and open up fresh avenues for growth.

Our Tech Stack

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NextJS logoNextJS
Vue logoVue
Flutter logoFlutter
Python logoPython
React logoReact
Actic logoActic
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Shipping solutions

From Concept to execution

We are a team of tech-enthusiasts with a wide range of development expertise are dedicated to building scalable products that meet the needs of growth-focused businesses.

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We rock...

This is Why
we Rock!
 Potara is an NFT platform built on the Polygon Network, enabling users to combine two NFTs to create a distinctive protogene, which can be previewed and listed on the Potara Marketplace or other compatible platforms.
Once App
 Once App is an innovative project merging TikTok and the NFT marketplace, utilising Ethereum blockchain to enable users to create and trade image and video NFTs within a dynamic feed, including features like messaging and marketplace engines.
A mobile app for Edge customers that utilises a microservice-based architecture to ensure high availability, scalability, security, and visibility. It aims to eliminate reworks and enhance the overall user experience.
 A blockchain solution that helps brands create, issue, and manage loyalty tokens in the form of fiat-backed tokens.
 A blockchain solution that helps brands create, issue, and manage loyalty tokens in the form of fiat-backed tokens.

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Client testimonials

I am impressed with the build. It was done to my specification, fully optimized, and delivered on time
Nagarjuna Malempati
-- Remit2any.com [Canada]
NGENI helped with the backend development of our novel payment solution. Their service is great and the team uses modern software development methodologies and tools.
Samson Mutisia
--Cashkinetic Interisactive Card [Kenya]
Amazing work! You surpassed our expectations, turning our idea into a fantastic reality. Thank you!
--Potara [South Africa]

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